Association ČSTN (The Czech Society for Technical Standardization) under new management

Published: Monday, 06 April 2020

At the end of November 2019, at the general meeting of the ČSTN association was decided in the elections on a new management. The main reason was to reduce the number of committee members from 9 to 5 members to improve the operability of the association, as the activity takes place mainly online via e-mails, as well as in similar smaller associations. Another intention of the association is to renew the base of members of both natural and legal persons, focus on more general lectures for greater interest of participants and thus be an active association among other associations under the wings of ČSVTS.

The General Meeting was preceded by a seminar on current topics, which are also listed in full on our new ČSTN website ( To illustrate, I present the lectured topics, including lecturers:

WEC-World Engineers Convention)- October 2023 Prague (Ing. Jiří Kratochvíl)

Experience with teaching technical standardization at universities and high schools (Ing. Václav Voves)

Corporate floating licenses of national standardization bodies (Ing. Zdeněk Liška)

Steel Union - CTN (Technical Standardization Center) for metallurgy in the Czech Republic (Ing. Taťána Ujházy)

What is being prepared in the near future?

As stated in the Articles of Association, the main activity is to support the comprehensive development and application of technical standardization in all areas, science, technology and economics. In February 2020, we established cooperation with the ČAS organization (Czech Standardization Agency), where mutual cooperation in organizing seminars was agreed. In the near future, we intend to organize a lecture block on the topic of the ISO 50001 standard (Energy management) with the author of the comment on this standard and with the responsible auditor in this area. We intend to organize this block of lectures in DT Ostrava at 6/2020 (?), where the ČSTN branch association has been operating for many years - Commission of Technical Standardization at the civic association SMS VTS and P (Silesian-Moravian Association of Scientific and Technical Societies and Branches). In addition to this event, we also planned a visit to the Werk Arena Třinec, i.e. the 3rd year of the International Exhibition of Technical Innovations in Patents and Inventions, including lectures by representatives of the ÚPV (Industrial Property Office). Unfortunately, the event has been canceled and already has a new date June 8-10, 2021. The last event in DT Ostrava in 6/2019 had a great success for lectures on current topics. The seminar was usually preceded by an excursion to a selected factory - this time Liberty Tubular Products Ostrava. During the 15-year duration of this commission, we visited about 20 surrounding companies, in which he left many impressions for the participants (although sometimes a cursory glance at production). Below is an overview of the lectures at the last seminar, where the field of technical standardization also applies to these new specializations and in many cases the standards in question are pending:

Questions and answers about electromobility from the perspective of SMART EV,
Preparation Questions and answers about electromobility from the perspective of SMART EV,
Preparation of hydrogen technology for transport in MSK,
EviNor SW issues - customer experience and current information from CTN in the field of iron metallurgy.

The new management of the association is interested in both natural and legal persons contributing their proposals for the organization of seminars and also actively performed with their experience in the field of technical standardization. At present, there is no longer a small, medium or large manufacturing company, which would not audit the quality process according to ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 in the field of environment. Of course, other standards in the field of health and safety - ISO 45001 are gradually being introduced and so practical advice on addressing these standards is definitely for a wider clientele of listeners.

In 2022, 100 years will pass since the establishment of the Czechoslovak Standards Society, when exactly 28. 12. 1922 prof. Vladimír List, together with the former Minister of Trade, started the activities of this organization. We don't have much left until this year, so I assume that our association ČSTN, which is also the founding association of ČSVTS, in the current very difficult time will be creative in the selection of lectures and will contribute with actions to even deeper knowledge of this field of human activity, without which production, trade and services in the world can no longer be.

Ing. Gustav Chwistek, Chairman of ČSTN